The Bakery

Our story

Our story

Maretti is the name of our bakery.

It is legendary for its bruschette, but it’s much more than that. It’s the bakery where we prepare our baked specialties with love and care.

The bakery where we transform our inspiration into an irresistible bite-sized snack that carries Italy in its heart.

1. We start with the flour

2. And fresh ingredients

3. And knead the dough with the experience of generations Italian bakers

4. Then fresh from the oven

5. We gently put them into the packs for you to enjoy them

All the love and care we put in our products

Maretti is the brand that translates the essence of traditional baked specialties into a range of bite sized snacks. Inspired by a heritage of of craft and love of good ingredients, Maretti Bruschette bites celebrate the pleasure of good taste and good times shared.